The Journey to your Inner World through Kabbalah
Student - Thursday, Dec 11th, 2008

The Journey to your Inner World through Kabbalah


Suzanne Gulikers


Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but does it always have to be so hard?  This simple answer is ‘no’ but that choice is up to us.  This is the key message of a the most recent JLI course recently held in Brisbane by the Jewish Educational Institute – Chabad Brisbane, Soul Maps: Kabbalah to Navigate your Inner World. Nearly 40 Brisbane participants became part of a global study group with over 15,000 students in 300 cities around the world participating in the very same course. The course concluded this week.


Utilising the teachings of the Tanya, a book gifted to the world by Rabbi Shne’ur Zalman (of Liadi, 1745-1812), this course shares the tools and strategies for a better understanding of self and a more peaceful way of ‘being’ in the world. 


Under the enthusiastic and supportive guidance of Chanoch Sufrin, adult education director, the group were invited to witness what one can call the ’drama of inner personal conflict’ that confronts us at every moment of every day.  The course armed us with greater knowledge and understanding, to be better equipped to navigate our way through these internal conflicts. Grasping the cause of the turmoil is only part of the quest however; gaining tranquillity is the hard part with the outcome remaining our choice.


This realisation is both comforting and daunting; the solutions simple but not easy.  But embracing this challenge provides a spiritual basis from which we can see the glass as always half full, that there’s a silver lining in every cloud, and that no matter how daunting the circumstances before us, we can choose to heal the world one mitzvah at a time.


For more information about other educational opportunities available in Brisbane, please contact Chanoch Sufrin, on 07 3342 6326 or

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