Semester ends with graduation
The Jewish Telegraph - Monday, Dec 31st, 2007
Semester ends with graduation
LEEDS NEWS GRADUATES: Rabbi Eli Pink with the first set of graduates

THE first semester of studies at the 'Land and the Spirit' JLI education programme concluded with a graduation ceremony on the first night of Chanucah.

Participants received a diploma certifying completion of the course.

John Goodwin chaired the ceremony, Rabbi Reuven Cohen lit the menorah and Helen Lorie reflected on the success of the programme.

Rabbi Eli Pink and Mrs Dabrushy Pink presented certificates.

The next JLI six-week semester, 'Beyond Belief', begins on Tuesday, February 5 and looks at the 13 principles of faith dealing with classic questions such as belief in God and free choice.

Facilitator Rabbi Pink said: "The last semester took an in-depth look at the land of Israel from God's original promise to Abraham up to the modern state.

"Controversial issues such as the Jewish right to live in Israel and living in the diaspora were discussed with good humour and lively student participation."

Details: Rabbi Eli on 07875 320 44 or education@judaismlive.com



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