Talmudic Ethics: Timeless Wisdom for Timely Dilemmas

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From Internet privacy and corporate scandals to abortion and euthanasia – our lives are filled with difficult, often gut-wrenching ethical dilemmas. Perplexed? Come discover new ways to navigate the moral sea as we examine some of today’s toughest questions in the light of the Torah – Judaism’s ethical and moral compass for over three thousand years.

1. Divine Imaging: Human rights, divine obligations and ethical choice.

2. The Power of Speech: Sticks and stones?  Try gossip and slander …

3. Truth and Consequences:  Balancing truth and peace in a world of good and evil.

4. Gentlemen in Jail: Deception, fraud and white-collar crime – the real violence?

5. Responsible Rivals: Where do we draw the line on competition?

6. Social Obligations: When do I save another … or protect myself?

7. When Life Begins: Fundamentals in Jewish medical ethics and the abortion debate.

8. Till the Last Breath: Jewish perspectives on euthanasia and end-of-life issues.

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